x xx       Fame:  The greatest master of Fender Telecaster                            Folly:  Aba Fender expressing his own demise

    Suzie Q   Part 7 Hi Folks.  This is your sweet wild Apollo, from GENBAR Underground Garage Station.  Folks, today we're gonna explore the messy black world of our subjects.  Our senior musicology analyst Wedi Menegesha is gonna portray to us, "When Stars fall to the ground."  The majestic Titanic, once was declared "unsinkable" by the idiot designers of it, of course stupid men like you  who assumed the role of God.  Yet the Majestic is rotting at the bottom of the sea 3,925 meters below the surface. Our Majestic singers too seem to be unsinkable, during the fame period. Yet lots of them, as a result of their idiot actions "suddenly" evaporate from the scene like a meteorite hurling fast against the atmosphere, only to turn into ash and pieces of rock.  On our way, we're gonna feature Aba Fender, the master of Fender Telecaster.  Fame and Follies are to be discovered here.  Can yo' dig it?   . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Please click on Aba Fender   for our feature article. 


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