ORIGINAL SUBJECT   This article and the photo below were presented on September 28, 2013 by the Honorable ALENA (Redie MeharI). ALENA uncovers secrets brewed by Mesfun Hagos and his cohorts in conjunction with PFDJ secret operatives living in Europe, among them  Wedi M'ney and Wedi Andu. Both of these figures can be named as EPLF's Who Is Who, Book of Records, as top x-commanders during the fighting for liberation of Eritrea as well post liberation era. ALENA also has blown the masks worn by the notorious Tesfay Temnewo and the abstract turncoat Wedi Ba'tai as well other traitors. Please read the the whole article panned on the right side of the photos on this web page. The historic photo was provided by ALENA. The photo was taken in Beirut, January 1972. ALENA stated, those persons in the photo are: sitting: Honorable Osman Saleh Sabe (left), Isayas Afeworki (right), standing Naizghi Kiflu (left), unknown name (centre), Mesfun Hagos (right).    GENBARTORONTO's anonymous client subsequently unveils the name of the unknown.  Please read Ato Haile Menegesha Okbe's open letter to the anonymously Client who found the name. 

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